Supporting K12 Manufacturers

K12 foodservice is a complex and highly regulated environment. With a subject matter expert in your corner and convenient access to a registered dietitian, you’ll avoid costly mistakes and develop pro-active sales and marketing strategies. A better understanding of the K12 segment means your team will have more meaningful and productive interactions with your customer, the food service director.

Service Packages

K12 Subject Matter Expert

This service package provides important information and access to a Registered Dietitian for Child Nutrition guidance. Make quicker decisions, knock down the barriers and enjoy greater success with K12 Food Pros.

What’s Included

  • Tailor the package to meet your team’s individual access needs.
  • Quarterly news briefs and breaking news alerts relevant to your business.
  • Short tutorials, great short cuts, templates, and selling tools.

Bid Analysis and Preparation Package

K12 Food Pros provides a proprietary bid strategy tool that will get your team organized with bids and into the approval process with your targets.

Learn more about the bid cycle

What’s Included

  • Top bid strategy and tracking tool
  • We show you how to learn from past awards, prepare your offer, and win!

Commodity Processing Package

As a USDA Processor, you will pass on commodity discounts to your customers, making your company a more valuable partner. Become more competitive on bids and capture more business throughout the school year.

What’s Included

  • Locked in business – Your commodity customers are committed for the year. You will be helping them make the best use of their commodity dollars.
  • The commodity experts at K12 Food Pros will be your agent with USDA and your commodity tracking will be taken care of.

K12 Coaching Package – Coming Soon

Develop your sales team into world-class experts with K12 Food Pros. With a complete understanding of the many programs, selling becomes helping and a new level of success is found.

What’s Included

  • Short tutorials, helpful templates, and selling tools.

Want More Success in the K12 Segment?

Expertise is only helpful if you can apply it and move your business forward. Our team of registered dietitians and school nutrition specialists can help.

Need USDA Recipes that Highlight your Products and Delight Your Customers?

Recipes make great marketing tools. Our dietitians will create recipes with your products that meet the NSLP and CACFP guidelines.

Recipes fit two age groups (K-8 and 9-12)

  • Menus starting at $695 each
  • Product formulation statements (PFS) at $150 each
  • USDA format recipes starting at $595 each
Menu planning on tablet

“Terry Brown, R.D. has been a business associate of mine for more than 20 years. Terry’s knowledge and her ability to initiate, organize and execute enabled positive business results specific to PepsiCo’s K12 juice business. Her hard work, dedication to PepsiCo as a K12 professional has made her a trusted expert any manufacturer can count on.”

Shelly Rodriguez – National Sales Manager – PepsiCo

“Terry is worth every penny. You will not find a more intelligent, strategic-driven marketer with a keen understanding of the K12 segment.”

Mark Ruiz – Owner, True Natural Foods

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