We Help K12 Manufacturers and Processors Succeed in the Segment

Our Mission is Your Mission

When food manufacturers are ready to get serious about the K12 channel, they hire the experts at K12 Food Pros. We empower them with a proprietary formula that works! With customized guidance and personalized services from K12 Food Pros, manufacturers enjoy stronger connections with dietitians and directors resulting in increased placements on the cycle menu. Our kids deserve the best food possible!

About the Founder

Terry Brown, RD, SNS

After growing weary of flying over beautiful San Diego every week for 25 years as a K12 Specialist and Corporate Sales Manager, Terry founded K12 Food Pros with the vision of helping quality food manufacturers be more effective in the segment.


Registered Dietitian – R.D.
School Nutrition Specialist – SNS
27 year veteran of the school foodservice industry

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Craving More Success in the K12 Segment?

Find out how we’ll work our proven success formula with your team.

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