Enjoy More K12 Menu Placements

Our Team of Registered Dietitians Will Show You How

Whether you are entering the segment for the first time or looking for a boost in sales, we’ll help you get results. Find out how we’ll work our proven success formula with your team. 

Our Proven 3 Step Success Formula

We show food manufacturers how to navigate the highly regulated K12 landscape.

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Assess Your Needs

With a few questions, we will quickly identify your needs and explain how to get started. Straightaway you will have a game plan and you’ll feel confident in your team’s next steps.

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Provide 1:1 Support

Your goals will be accomplished faster with the support of K12 Food Pros. With the right information, your team will have better command of the segment and form stronger partnerships with buyers.

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Monitor Your Progress

We begin with a 30-60-90 day plan. Then we have quarterly reviews of our progress. These reviews keep us on track and accountable to each other.

Craving More Success in the K12 Segment?

Expertise is only helpful if you can apply it and move your business forward. Our team of registered dietitians and school nutrition specialists can help.

How Can We Support You?

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K12 Subject Matter Expert

Quick access to a Registered Dietitian for child nutrition guidance. To be effective and ahead of the curve, you need to know how the regulatory changes affect your business. K12 Food Pros is in your corner!

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Menu Placement

Getting on the menu is hard, especially in these challenging times. With the right strategies in place and the experts at K12 Food Pros, you will get there faster!

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Commodity Processing

When you participate in the USDA Commodity Foods program, you become an ally to your customers & enjoy a steady demand for your products. Let K12 Food Pros show you how to become a Commodity Processor and grow your business.

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Bid Analysis

K12 Food Pros provides a proprietary bid strategy tool that will get you organized with bids once and for all! We train your team along the way for year-over-year improvement.

“Terry Brown, R.D. has been a business associate of mine for more than 20 years. Terry’s knowledge and her ability to initiate, organize and execute enabled positive business results specific to PepsiCo’s K12 juice business. Her hard work, dedication to PepsiCo as a K12 professional has made her a trusted expert any manufacturer can count on.”

Shelly Rodriguez – National Sales Manager – PepsiCo

“Terry is worth every penny. You will not find a more intelligent, strategic-driven marketer with a keen understanding of the K12 segment.”

Mark Ruiz – Owner, True Natural Foods

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